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The Phases of A Project

Here's a general overview of what to expect when you hire me for a project. Every client has different needs and there are exceptions. But, a solid foundation must be in place to keep us on track.


Before any project is started, a meeting is scheduled by phone or Zoom and then a project proposal is created that we both sign. This ensures that I have a firm grasp on your vision, requirements, expectations, goals, and problems so that I can then offer relevant visual solutions and make the right creative decisions for you.


Planning and Research

Obtain and review notes provided by client, research color palettes, fonts, and any other assets that are suitable within outlined parameters. Strategize design plan based on research.



Sketch out various ideas, discover possibilities with different logo types. Create three logo concepts and send for review. 



Make changes to approved concept provided by client. Revise design until approved.



Create variations and responsive elements adapted from approved logo. Export necessary file formats for print and digital application. Send link to zipped file of logo & files through email.

Meet The Team

What My Client's Think

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