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The Story of My Mark

Real talk, I've gone through an identity crisis. Actually many. I've tried being like other people, caring about what they thought of me, tied my work to who I am as a person, played it safe for fear of failure... and everything under the sun. I've asked the question to myself, "Why can't I be who I am without trying to live up to others expectations?"

JC Creative is an effort to remind myself who I am. So on they days I forget, I can remember why I love to do what I do. The mark holds pieces of me. My identity and goofiness.

Why JC?

JC are yes my initials but, they remind me of someone far greater and better than myself. Jesus Christ. Everything I am is His. Everything that's good in my life comes from Him. I wanted my mark to remind me of the true identity that is made perfect in me by Christ Jesus, my Lord.

Why a lightening bolt?

I grew up at a time when it was cool to have spiky hair. I embraced this style wholeheartedly. All types of gell, even Elmers glue. One time, I tried lightening gell. The packaging caught my eye because it had a lightening bolt on it and lightening bolts are cool so I bought it. Well, to my surprise, my hair actually started to get a little lighter with each use. My Mom thought I was trying to bleach my hair in secret when in reality the gell is called lightening gell because it lightens your hair. This is a story that no pun intended, "sticks" with me and my family. 

So the combination of these two sides of myself brought about the idea of JC Creative. Jesus Christ sticks. He's the glue that keeps me together. And reminds me to laugh every once and a while.

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