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Definitely a logo that proved to be a challenge. Initially, my mind wanted to place emphasis on the numbers in the first three concepts (some are not shown). However, my client was thinking of a different direction. One that had more of a corporate feel.

They liked the idea of a puzzle globe. Low code no code abstractly can be viewed as pieces connecting together. The negative space was meant to convey LCNC365 as being the missing piece.

Executing this concept really stretched the technical side of my brain. I had to create the puzzle pattern and then map it onto a sphere wireframe. The bottom and top looked wonky so I had to draw the cap pieces, then clean up the lines. The client was very pleased with the outcome.

I learned that, sometimes you need to stretch your skills in the middle of the project to bring about the desired outcome. A little more extra hard work than you're used to, can go a long way. 

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