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Who are you?

Picture of owner and lead designer at JC Creative

Hey! I'm so glad you took the time to check out my stuff. It truly means a lot! My name is Jordan; owner and designer here at JC Creative.

I started as a graphic designer way back in 2006 at my Dad's automotive advertising agency and have continued to fall in love with the day-to-day task of helping businesses solve problems with visual content.

Logo & Brand Identity design has become my main focus and I absolutely love it. We're in an exciting age where brands can be seen in so many mediums. Even more-so today, a businesses identity is the crucial wire that connects all these different channels cohesively.

I believe you never actually arrive at mastering your craft. You're always learning just a little bit more with each project. And with openness, humility, and a strong drive to learn, you can accomplish great things.

I hope together we can do just that. 

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